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The iPhone has long since become a status symbol. This fact does not surprise people with the quality of Apple devices.

What might worry people is the cost associated with Apple devices. Whether you're buying a new iPhone 12 or taking home that awesome Macbook, the prices are sure to weigh on your wallet.

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And when these devices are damaged, it goes without saying that repairing it will bring heaven to tears!

Well, regardingbuy a new device, we can't do anything about the cost because who could compete for their prizes against such a big corporation, but it becomes a different story when it comes to repairing a damaged iPhone device.

Here you have the opportunity to repair your devices yourself. Sounds good right? Of course, whether this is ideal or not is another story.

But just the thought of repairing your iPhone yourself can excite people working with cracked iPhone screens or dying batteriesAvoid visiting a repair servicefor the cost

In this article, we will focus on your dead iPhone batteries and how to replace them with your own.

Reasons for a malfunctioning battery

Accidents are part of life and one thing is certain: no one can always be careful.

Dropping iPhones out of your pocket, handing the iPhone to a child and not knowing how to hold it properly - these cases are so common that it's not surprisingiPhone repair services near youit blooms fast.

What makes matters worse is that after some time your iPhone batteries will wear out and need to be replaced on their own.

Of course you can chooseProtect your iPhones with the best phone cases, but it is known that even with good cases, your iPhone will surely be damaged.

In such cases, the guide to repairing your iPhone comes to the rescue!

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Is it difficult to replace an iPhone battery?

The guide above should have explained whether it is difficult to replace the iPhone battery yourself. No matter how much we recommend you or others on the internet, decide based on yoursskills and experience.

Well, with our guide, we come to the question of whether it is safe to replace your iPhone battery yourself.

Well, the answer to that varies from person to person. If the manufacturer's warranty covers your iPhone, it is not recommended that you handle your iPhones yourself.

Instructions on how to change the iPhone battery yourself

If this is your first time, replacing your iPhone battery by yourself will be a difficult task.

In fact, there are many guides on how to fix your iPhones online and one of them is mentioned below, but it is always recommended to take your iPhones to onereliable repair servicebecause the advantages will not be able to outweigh the disadvantages.

The procedures to replace the battery of a dead iPhone are as follows:

  1. Remove the 6.9mm wide pentagonal rag pins from the bottom edge of the iPhone.
  2. To soften the glue underneath the iPhone, use a hair dryer or heat gun and apply it to the bottom edge for about a minute.
  3. This step requires the use of a suction cup. To split the device in two, place the suction cups on the bottom of the device and press down on the handles.
  4. To cut through the adhesive, slightly insert a toothpick to open and slide it around the edges. Be careful not to push the pick too far into the device; this can damage it.
  5. Open the screen from left to right after removing the suction cup. Remove the connector bracket from the logic board by removing the five Y000 screws that secure it.
  6. Use the point of a spudger or a clean fingernail to pry the battery connector up from its socket on the logic board.
  7. To prevent the jack from accidentally contacting the socket and turning the phone on during the repair, bend it slightly to separate it from the logic board.
  8. Use the tip of a spudger or your fingernail to disconnect the sensor assembly connector from the front panel.
  9. Use a spatula to separateOLED panel connector.
  10. Use the tip of a spudger to pry the digitizer cable connector out of its socket.
  11. Gently lift the cable until the fastener releases. Disconnect the display component and the seven screws that secure the bracket under the touch mechanism and speaker.
  12. The support must be raised at the edge closest to the battery. It's still connected to the computer with a small flexible connection, so don't try to remove it completely.
  13. Hold the bracket out of the way and use the tip of a spatula to disconnect the ribbon cable underneath.
  14. Remove the Y000 screw that secures the 2.1mm long speaker terminal cover, and then remove the speaker terminal cover.
  15. Lift and disconnect the speaker connector with the point of a spudger.
  16. Place a spudger on the edge of the iPhone case, below the top edge of the speaker. Carefully lift and lift the top edge of the speaker.
  17. To remove the adhesive securing the speaker to the bottom edge of your iPhone, hold the speaker by the side edges and rock it back and forth.
  18. Peel the speaker from the bottom edge of the iPhone until the adhesive releases.
  19. Remove the speaker and then the 2.3mm Phillips screw holding the chime mechanism in place.
  20. Use a spudger to disconnect the Taptic motor flex cable from its socket by lifting it straight up out of its socket.
  21. Each tape has a black tab at the end that adheres lightly to the side edge of the battery.
  22. Remove the initial battery securing tab from the bottom edge of the battery.
  23. Repeat the above process to release the two remaining securing tabs from the bottom edge of the battery.
  24. Slowly pull the outer battery securing tab toward the bottom of the iPhone.
  25. Pull slowly until the strap slides between the battery and the back cover, keeping constant tension on the strap.
  26. Remove the opposite side strip in the same manner as before, leaving the center strip last. Disconnect the center strip of the speaker ribbon cable without attaching it.
  27. Remove and separate the pull-tab at the top edge of the last adhesive strip on the top battery cell.
  28. The last tape must be pulled and removed.
  29. Grasp the bottom edge of the battery and pull it away from the iPhone.
  30. Buy a new battery cell now andReassemble your deviceBack to the instructions.

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Risks of replacing iPhone battery yourself

Replacing the battery of an iPhone involves risks and the risk of electrocution always remains.

Also, it is always possible to destroy your phone even if you have worked with electronic devices before since each device comes with its own gadget.series of complications.

Also, you need a professional tool kit to replace the batteries. If your iPhone is under warranty, it's just a waste of money!

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The other case is that you have a fairly old phone and for the time being you just put it away to use. So taking a risk is not a bad option as you will be changing your smartphone soon.

The people we strongly recommend to stay away from holding screwdrivers are the ones who have never done so before.

It's different if you're a technician and you know electronics, but if you've never opened an electronic device, don't touch it yourself.

The iPhone's delicate cables will only frustrate you with their complexity.

Replace or not replace your iPhone batteries!

It is not too difficult to figure out the pros and cons of replacing iPhone batteries. In the end, it depends on the age and value of your device.

As mentioned above, if your iPhone is old, replacing the battery itself is not a bad option asSpend money on a dead devicenot ideal

But if you have the latest model, we recommend not holding the screwdriver at all.

Choose a good iPhone repair service in your area and take your iPhone there. These people have an experienced team that will help you at affordable prices.

Applecare+ will always be the first option you should go to when considering telephony specialists. The others might be the local iPhone repair shops but always know their full expertise before choosing one.

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additional part

A reliable place to fix your iPhone devices is ateasily correctable. Based in the United States, the company has deep roots in the industry and knows how to do itrepair your iPhonein no time.

We only hire the best crème de la crème, experienced and well-equipped technicians to efficiently replace your iPhone batteries.

Turn to Simply Fixable and put an end to days of procrastination. The company puts its technicians through additional training programs so that every customer that comes to their door leaves happy!

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