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Crushed ice is a unique and refreshing treat, perfect for warm weather, popular in the United States and brought to Hawaii by Japanese immigrants. America's leading crushed ice brand is Kona Ice, a fast-growing brand that has reinvented the traditional ice cream truck by serving these amazing treats in their vans while becoming a Franchise 500 companyentrepreneur.

Like an ice cream cone, the shaved ice comes to life when coated with a delicious syrup that gives the ice cream a unique fruity and sweet flavor. we've scored themBest Flavors of Kona IceOn Mashed, but what if you want to push the boundaries of official flavors? thanks kona iceFarahThis is essentially a curated syrup that gives customers the freedom to unlock amazing flavor combinations.

While it's best to let your imagination run wild when creating flavor combinations, the range of possibilities can leave you wondering where to start. For inspiration, here are some amazing Kona ice cream flavor combinations to try the next time you're craving a refreshing shaved ice.

pineapple and coconut

Combining the exotic flavors of pineapple and coconut is a great flavor combination if you're looking to recreate the refreshing, fun taste of a beach cocktail in shaved ice. These two tropical flavors combine to create a flavor profile similar to that of the Pina Colada, one of America's most popular cocktails, currently ranked among the top 10 cocktails in AmericaStrategy CGA.

What makes this combo even better is that it allows you to enjoy the taste of pina colada without a hangover. These syrups are sugar-free, so you can enjoy this classic cocktail guilt-free.

While you can get pina colada and Kona ice pre-made, you can make your own with the pineapple-to-coconut ratio that suits your taste. Plus, pre-blended pina colada is colorless, so by mixing pineapple with coconut, you can add flavor to your shaved ice and make it a more enjoyable experience.

pineapple, lemon and orange

If you take a cue from the classic shaved ice cocktail, combine equal parts pineapple, lemon, and orange to create a shaved ice that evokes all the spicy and citrus flavors of Mai Thai. A signature cocktail that made its name in Hawaii and has thus become synonymous with the Pacific islands, it makes sense to pair this Polynesian delicacy with the flavors of this delicious cocktail that combines two Hawaiian icons.

As far as flavors go, this combination of flavors is tart and bold, leaving a delicious lemony aftertaste. It's not the sweetest, which can be surprising considering its flavor, but it's still perfect for a warm evening at the beach or by the water.

The Mai Tai story is unique in that it originated in the 1940s and according to the Curacao Liqueur, it was created by Victor Jules Bergeron (better known as Trader Vic). While the mai tai recipe has improved and modern versions now add pineapple, if you want to recreate the original Trader Vic Best mix in shaved ice, you can omit the pineapple for an authentic flavor profile.

Strawberries, green apples, lemons, limes, grapes and oranges

While this combination may seem eclectic and random, it's actually a thoughtful and considered flavor choice that mimics some of America's most popular candy flavors. That's because the flavors are related to the popular Skittles flavor, which is currently the No. 1 non-chocolate candy in the US.

While Skittle's flavor palette has changed over the years, the most popular and original flavors remain Strawberry, Green Apple, Lemon, Grape and Orange, all of which are well served in this blend reflect. Of course, some people can't stand a particular cone flavor (I'm looking at you, yellow cone) and need to remove the culprit from the package before serving.

With the freedom that Flavorwave offers, you can also omit any Skittle flavors in your shaved ice cream and personalize it to your liking. If they're your thing, this flavor combo will have you tasting a rainbow of flavors while sipping on refreshing and delicious Kona ice cream.

French Vanilla and Chocolate

Most of the flavors offered by Kona Ice are fruity, which complements the refreshing drinks the company offers. However, the brand has always wanted to include everyone's favorite chocolate flavor, and by incorporating it, you can create exciting and inspiring flavor combinations.

If you want your shaved ice to taste like a milkshake, adding a little chocolate is a nice touch; however, a sprinkle of French vanilla enhances the flavor and shifts the flavor to a more baked-goods-like sweetness. If you combine French vanilla with chocolate, you can create a combination reminiscent of the popular cookie-and-cream flavor. It's perfect if you want shaving ice cream to taste more like ice cream—and Kona's ice cream trucks are trying to recreate that.

Vanilla pairs well with flavors, in fact, it's the most popular flavor in America, in part because of its versatility and subtle flavor profile, delicious on its own or paired with other flavors.

For extra flavor, French vanilla is paired with lemon for a doughy texture reminiscent of vanilla sponge cake or lemon sprite, two popular overseas desserts.

oranges and mangoes

Few flavors are more refreshing than orange and mango. Whenever we Americans need to quench our thirst, the first thing we reach for is orange juice, which according to a survey is the most popular juice drink in the countryAYTM.

Mango is also popular as a juice, and is most often paired with oranges because these two exotic fruits go so well together. Both also contain essential minerals such as vitamin C, folic acid and small amounts of potassium and fiber, making them very healthy and valuable.

While Kona's ice cream syrup isn't enriched with these essential minerals, the ice cream and flavoring used in Vita's low-calorie mix is ​​rich in vitamins C and D, making it a delicious, nutrient-dense snack, especially when compared to competing products. Compare.

As for the taste, this combo has the citrusy notes you know and expect from oranges mixed with the tropical florals of mango, making it an easy and delicious combo not to be missed.

Strawberry Banana

Strawberries and bananas are very different fruits. One is grown from small potted plants in the ground and has a distinctly sweet taste and smell, while the other, plucked from tropical trees, has a mushy texture and a softer bite.

However, they say opposites attract, and as far as strawberries and bananas go, it's an otherworldly combination. These two fruits are often blended in a blender and are the base of many wonderful smoothies. Express these flavors by blending these two flavors in your Kona ice cream, creating a refreshing and appealing smoothie flavor that is both recognizable and beautiful.

While strawberry will be the dominant flavor in this combo, banana subverts that flavor, creating a mouth-pleasing mouthfeel. Plus, Americans love bananas, by far the most consumed fruit in the country, partly because of their health benefits, but mostly because we can't get enough of their taste.

cherries, strawberries and raspberries

Distinctive woody aromas of cherries, strawberries and raspberries combine to create a deep red fruit blend with sweetness of strawberries, tartness of sour cherries and slightly sour raspberries.

All of these flavors come together in your Kona Shaved Ice Cream to create something quite complex, but another reason this combination works so well is that the bright red color these flavors create on your ice cream can make its It tastes better.

This is because our brain subconsciously likes bright and red colors in food, which leads us to perceive foods of this color as sweeter, more interesting, and therefore more enjoyable. If you have a sweet tooth, this flavor combination is a great way to satisfy your cravings.

While the natural form of this flavor combination can be high in sugar, Kona ice syrup is generally sugar-free, allowing you to enjoy these wonderful flavors without the health risks associated with high sugar intake.

Lucky Lime Pink Citric Sour

Sometimes the funniest and most exciting flavors are seen as a challenge, and there's nothing quite as challenging yet delicious as super sour shaved ice. Kona already has an extra sour option Lucky Lime, one of the top 10 flavors, has a tingling spiciness on its own, but when combined with other sour options you can create an interesting combination of flavors your thoughts

One of the best options to pair with Lucky Lime is the Pink Lemon Sour brand. This creates a double taste that is both savory and sweet. If you like sour, this combo is for you.

As humans, we've evolved to enjoy the taste of sour food, which releases certain chemicals in our brains that increase our sense of pleasure. Rob Dunn, an environmentalist at North Carolina State University, was interviewednauka.orgThe sourness of food indicates that it is full of energy, so as a species we are always on the lookout for acidic foods and develop a sweet tooth that some people can only be satisfied with the most sour concoctions, such as this flavor combination.

cherry and vanilla

We've already mentioned that vanilla is a great Kona ice cream flavor that pairs well with other syrups, though we may not have found the best flavor to pair it with that you might not have thought of.

By combining vanilla with cherries, we get a unique and interesting combination that approaches the deliciousness of Bakwell's cherry pie. For some, cherry baking might be something you've never heard of. This classic pie from Derbyshire, England, isn't the most popular or well-known dessert in America, but it's a must-try if you get the chance.

While Bakewell cakes are hard to come by in the US, you can try this signature dessert from across the ocean by combining flavors of cherry and vanilla in Kona ice cream. This creates a subtle blend of the tartness of the cherries and the subtle, velvety sweetness of the vanilla, which together create an incredibly warm and homey flavor.

If you're interested in making a cherry pie at home, it's important to have some almond frangipane, as it helps give the pie a distinctly warm flavor. You may have to make your own, which you can easily make by combining almond flour, butter, sugar, and eggs.

Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate

Let's say you like to imitate the taste of a desert you've actually heard. In this case, you can always combine bananas, strawberries, vanilla, and chocolate to create a concoction that has all the flavor of a classic banana chip. A favorite dessert in the 1950s for decades, it may not be the favorite dessert of today's hipster and trendy Americans, but it's still delicious and can be replicated as part of Kona ice cream.

Blending these flavors creates a unique combination that's different from many others, as instead of creating a refreshing, amazing meal at the beach, it's a heavier, more filling option that will leave you more and more happy.

If this combination of flavors inspires you to try the real thing at home, you'll be happySuper easy to make great banana chips, and it is a dessert that can be customized according to personal taste.

Orange, Lemon, Blue Vanilla

If you were inspired by some of the mocktail combinations mentioned at the beginning, you can also use orange, lemon, and blue vanilla for another Kona ice cream flavor combination. When you use these flavors together, you get the uniquely beachy and refreshing taste of Blue Lagoon, a hugely popular cocktail served at beach bars, pubs and many cocktail bars across the country.

While the main ingredient in the cocktail is a pinch of the famous Caribbean liqueur, Blue Curacao, pair it with Kona Flavorwave's classic orange syrup for a distinct flavor of the Blue Lagoon. That's because Blue Curaçao gets its good taste from the orange peel, which might be surprising given its bright blue color.

If you want to emulate the taste of this classic cocktail, adding blue vanilla to your Kona ice cream might be a good idea. This makes the shaved ice cream not only eye-catching and delicious, but it also gives the ice cream its distinctive blue lagoon look, making it look good, while also being a fun and delightful shaving for any occasion, especially in the heat. in the weather. a warm day.

If this combination of classic cocktail flavors, or those I mentioned earlier, has inspired you to create your own, here are someMake a Classic Cocktail.

Green Apples and Grapes/Raspberries/Oranges/Strawberries

If you want to have some carefree fun while paying homage to one of the most beloved cartoon series of the '90s, you can pair green apples with grapes, raspberries, oranges or strawberries. These flavor combinations are calledninja turtlesAnd in homage to four pizza-loving, sewer-dwelling criminals, each secondary flavor evokes the colorful hood of a particular turtle.

The best way to enjoy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is with a group of shaved ice and see if you prefer a spoonful of Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo or Raphael. All four secondary flavors are perfectly matched to the primary color of the green apple, combining the crisp, fruity tartness of the apple with the sweetness of the berries. But you can be brave enough to combine all of these flavors in one dish to help bring out the best in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: as a whole.

Aesthetically, these ice cream flavors are a fun, uniquely imaginative and refreshing option for al fresco dining in the sun. However, it's not just about style, it's about substance, as all four flavors are delicious and make for a great Kona ice cream combo that can only be made with select Flavorwave syrups.


What flavor is Kona Ice Tigers blood? ›

Tiger's blood is a delicious combination of sweet watermelon, strawberry flavoring and a hint of coconut. Tiger's blood shaved ice is often served at concession stands and ice cream trucks all across the world. The Curious Name?

Does Kona Ice have alcohol? ›

No alcohol here, but it's still delicious!

What is the slogan of Kona Ice? ›

Our Safety > Kona Ice. Be Good, Do Good, For Good is not just a motto for Kona Ice, it is how we do business. It is our intent to provide a safe and sensational experience for each and every customer.

What flavor is silver fox? ›

Silver Fox snow cone syrup contains a unique mixture of almond and vanilla flavors that combine to form a creamy, rich taste that is perfect for kids and adults alike.

What two flavors make Tigers blood? ›

The flavor known as “Tiger's Blood” is a delightful combination of watermelon, strawberry, and coconut.

Does Kona Ice use real sugar? ›

Kona Ice flavors are made from a proprietary formula using fruit base, real cane sugar and sweet herb Stevia – none of that artificial high fructose corn syrup – and are naturally free of gluten, soy, egg, nut, dairy, casein and lactose.

Does Kona Ice have a lot of sugar? ›

This zero calorie, zero sugar, zero carb Kona is both vegan and Kosher-certified. It is sweetened with all natural Stevia and is the perfect treat that everyone can enjoy!

Why is it called Kona Ice? ›

Our boss thought, “Hey, people don't sell shaved ice off of trucks. Also, ice cream trucks are creepy. What if we sold shaved ice off of a truck that was super fun and inviting?” And thus, Kona Ice was born.

Who is Kona Ice owned by? ›

Tony Lamb - Founder and CEO - Kona Ice | LinkedIn.

Does Kona Ice use food coloring? ›

Kona Ice is dairy-free, gluten-free and we even offer flavors that are sugar-free and dye-free! Kona Ice is a nutritional shave ice product offered in a range of flavors that you choose and put on yourself!

Why is Hawaiian ice so good? ›

Hawaiian shaved ice is all about the texture and flavor. Much smaller, more delicate ice shavings absorb the flavored syrup without it pooling at the bottom of the cup. Shaved ice is never watery, the texture is light and delicate, and the flavor combinations are endless.

What is Hawaiian ice called? ›

Shave ice or Hawaiian shave ice is an ice-based dessert made by shaving a block of ice and flavoring it with syrup and other sweet ingredients. On the Big Island of Hawai'i, it is also referred to as "ice shave." In contrast, a snow cone, a similar American dessert, is made with crushed ice rather than shaved ice.

What flavor is Ninja Turtle snow cone? ›

This pack includes Tangy Apple, Tropical, Lemon and Lime and includes 25 free Strawspoons and 25 free wax paper cones.

What flavor is wedding cake snow cone? ›

A wedding cake snow cone is a perfect blend of vanilla and almond flavors, and it truly tastes like scrumptious wedding cake and frosting. Serving wedding cake shaved ice is a refreshing option for guests, especially attending children, and it won't really affect the wedding budget.

What flavor is Bahama Mama snow cone? ›

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Bahama Mama syrup is a bright reddish-orange color when poured over ice and tastes like the islands – a combination of coconut and pineapple with a hint of orange and cherry flavoring. It's the perfect flavor for a luau-themed birthday party and great for all ages.

What flavor is blue Hawaii? ›

The Blue Hawaiian or Swimming Pool is a Piña Colada with an added splash of blue curaçao to give it an orange flavor. It is made with light rum (e.g. Pineapple Malibu rum or white rum), blue curaçao, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and lemon juice.

What is the flavor of dragons blood? ›

Dragon's Blood e-liquid mix is an exotic blend of strong dragon fruit and raspberry flavors with the lightest touch of blood orange and a faint note of strawberry kiwi. The slightly acidic and subtle melon-like flavor of dragon fruit balances the sweet and sour juicy flavor of raspberries.

What flavor is Crystal tiger blood? ›

Tigers Blood is an irresistible blend of fresh watermelon, strawberries and a hint of coconut. This magnificent pairing creates the irresistible fruity, tangy and refreshing taste of your favourite energy drink.

Does Kona Ice use corn syrup? ›

Kona Ice is a one-of-a-kind gourmet shaved ice experience, founded in May of 2019. All of their flavors are gluten free, fat free, nut free, dairy free, cholesterol free, soy free, no GMO's, no high fructose corn syrup, no lactose, Kosher certified and are enriched with vitamin C and D.

What is the difference between Kona Ice and shaved ice? ›

Essentially, it's the same as shaved ice - ice shaved by a blade, but it does have it's differences. Sometimes with shave ice, they add condensed milk, azuki beans or a scoop of ice cream at the bottom. This kind of shaved ice is mostly found in Hawaii, due to it's history.

Does Kona Ice have corn syrup? ›

Kona Ice Shaved Ice treats contain no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup and no peanut derivatives. They are fat free gluten free, dairy free, and lactose free.

Does Kona Ice have aspartame? ›

No, Kona Ice does not use artificial sweeteners.

What ice cream brand is highest in sugar? ›

Blue Bell Creameries' Pecan Pralines 'n Cream

Why? Not only is it one of the most caloric pints of ice cream the brand produces, but it also contains an alarming 81 grams of sugar. To put this into perspective, that's about as much sugar as you'll find in two 12-ounce cans of Coca-Cola.

What is the number 1 ice cream flavor in America? ›

YouGov asked 1,000 U.S. adults about their favorite ice cream flavor, and many Americans ranked vanilla and chocolate at the top. Closely following America's most popular flavors were strawberry, cookies and cream, and chocolate chip.

What is the number 1 ice cream flavors? ›

Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor in the world so it only makes sense to start this list with vanilla ice cream.

What flavor is Pink Lady Snowball? ›

Fill bottle with simple syrup. The most popular cream flavors are Ice Cream, Nectar Cream and Pina Colada. Some snow ball outlets call the Ice Cream Old Gold or Sunset and Nectar Cream is called Pink Lady, Pink Squirrel or Pink Panther. Fruit acid is used to increase the tartness of the fruit flavored snow ball syrups.

How much is a refill cup on Kona Ice? ›

Did you know that if you purchase a large Kona Ice plastic cup for $5.00 (includes a Kona Ice) that you can get it refilled for only $3!

What is shaved ice called in Hawaii? ›

Meaning shaved ice, kakigori grew in popularly from the seventh and ninth centuries A.D. To cool off, Japanese immigrants in Hawaii used their tools to shave flakes off large blocks of ice, and then coated it with sugar or fruit juice.

What size cups is Kona Ice? ›

We offer many cup sizes including: $3 Kiddie Kona (9 ounces), $4 Klassic Kona (12 ounces), $5 Color Changing Cup (17 ounces) or Kowabunga Cup (22 ounces), $6 Kolectable Cup - with $3 refills. We even offer Custom Cups for your Business, Team, or Wedding.

How many Kona Ice franchises are there in the US? ›

Welcome to Own A Kona: the information site for franchising with Kona Ice. This website will provide all the details you could possibly need to hopefully leave you so impressed that there's nothing else to do but join our 1200+ franchises across the United States as they hit the road daily.

How many employees does Kona Ice have? ›

Kona Ice has 3,000 employees.

How many Kona Ice locations are there? ›

Follow the link below to find your local Kona Ice Truck! With over 1,000 trucks in 48 states, you're bound to find one!

Is red dye 40 in ice cream? ›

As one of the most widely used color additives, Red Dye 40 is found in a variety of foods and beverages, including ( 2 ): Dairy products: flavored milk, yogurt, puddings, ice cream, and popsicles.

What is Kona Ice made of? ›

Our Vita-Blend base is infused with vitamins C & D and is sweetened with pure cane sugar and all natural stevia leaf extract. Fruit First has fruit as the first ingredient and is also sweetened with pure cane sugar and all natural stevia. They're both good and good for you!

Why does shaved ice not melt? ›

When the ice blocks start sweating or melting, that indicates that the ice is tempered. If the ice gets too warm either during the tempering process or while in the coolers, the ice will become clumpy, and will not hold flavor well. In this case, place the ice back into the freezer to refreeze.

What is black Hawaii ice cream? ›

Black Hawaii is dedicated to the black Hawaiian volcanic shores, wild and unforgettable as its unic gelato flavor. Natural black color thanks to vegetable carbon. Unic taste with coconut water and raw cocoa beans. Lactose Free.

Why is shave ice better in Hawaii? ›

In paradise, it's as prevalent as a good wave and as eye-catching as a coastal sunset. Unlike snow cones, where the syrup so often drains to the bottom, there's balance. Shave ice absorbs the flavor more evenly thanks to its plethora of super-tiny ice bits. The consistency is fine and pillowy, like freshly fallen snow.

What is the white cream on shaved ice? ›

Sweet Cream (Condensed Milk)

Condensed milk is whole milk combined with cane sugar, with most of the water removed. Shaved ice business owners quite commonly offer this as a topping. After you prepare your shaved ice, pour an ounce or two on top very carefully, as it can quickly get messy.

Can you use normal milk instead of condensed milk for ice cream? ›

Use ½ cup heavy cream with 1 ½ cup whole milk for best results. Let the sweetened milk cool and then use in 1:1 exchange for any recipe. You can also do this with almond milk and other dairy-free kinds of milk!

What is shaved ice with syrup called? ›

Snow cone: shaved ice with flavored syrup. Type. Frozen dessert. Course. Dessert.

What is the purple ice cream in Hawaii? ›

Creamy, nutty, vibrant and absolutely delicious! This Ube Ice Cream, topped with coconut brittle, is easy to make with fresh or frozen purple yam.

What Flavour is Tiger blood supposed to be? ›

Tiger Blood is a fruity fusion of sweet strawberry, tropical watermelon and the creamy taste of coconut.

What is in Tiger blood Flavour? ›

Tigers Blood is an irresistible blend of fresh watermelon, strawberries and a hint of coconut. This magnificent pairing creates the irresistible fruity, tangy and refreshing taste of your favourite energy drink.

What is Tigers blood flavor Sno Cone? ›

The tiger's blood snow cone is a popular seller at concession stands and ice cream trucks around the world. No actual tigers are hurt to make a tigers blood shaved ice. Instead, tigers blood snow cone syrup combines the sweet taste of watermelon and strawberry flavoring with a small hint of coconut.

What Flavour is Tigers blood pre workout? ›

Delicious Tiger's Blood Flavor - Tastes just like a snow cone! Super Clean Feeling.

What flavour is jungle juice? ›

Jungle Juice: A tropical, Pina colada flavour with pineapple and creamy coconut.

What flavor is Tiger's Blood Gorilla Mode? ›

Tiger's Blood - A tropical blend of strawberries, coconut, and watermelon that tastes just like a tiger's blood snow cone.

What flavour is Mr Blue vape? ›

Mr Blue is a delicious berry medley with an icy kick on the exhale to delight your taste buds and leave you refreshed. Elux Legend vape juice is a new and exciting range of nicotine salt e-liquids by Elux inspired by the best-selling Elux Legend 3500 disposable vape flavours.

What flavour is Unicorn shake? ›

Unicorn Shake nic salt by Bar Juice is the perfect guilt-free treat, featuring creamy strawberry and banana-flavoured milkshake. You'll get milky and creamy flavours on the inhale followed by sweet strawberry and banana on the exhale.

What flavour is Mr Blaze? ›

Mr Blaze is an utterly irresistible berry medley, with rich, dark squishy notes of jammy blueberry, blackberry and raspberry. The Elux Slim disposable vape bars are sleek, compact and super-simple to use.

What flavour is gummy bear vape? ›

Gummy Bear by Lost Mary Elf - a burst of flavours of pineapple, lemon, orange and raspberry. A perfect addition to this range!

What flavor is Gorilla Jungle Juice? ›

We had to try it a few times to know what it tasted like. tropical fruits including Pineapple and Orange.

What does Unicorn Blood pre workout taste like? ›

Unicorn Blood is the perfect flavor to get your pump started. With a combination of tangy raspberry, sweet peach, and a shot of vanilla, your taste buds will be ready to kick off that workout.

What flavor is Spartakus Tiger Blood? ›

Watermelon, strawberry and a hint of coconut.


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