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These candies can be conveniently delivered in an ice cream van, which is essentially a stationary ice cream cart on wheels.

On June 21, the first day of summer, most ice cream trucks start operating. In warmer states like Florida, Texas and California, some ice cream trucks have a longer season.

While ice cream trucks may seem like a dying breed, there are still ways to find one that will cure your sweet tooth. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how to find an ice cream truck in your area. Plus, we answer other frequently asked questions about finding an ice cream truck. So read on!


When will the ice cream truck arrive?

On June 21, the first day of summer, most ice cream trucks start operating.

In warmer states like Florida, Texas and California, some ice cream trucks have a longer season.

Ice cream trucks could hit the streets as early as April or even March as the warmer weather picks up pace.

Ultimately, the ice cream truck owner decides when to get to work.

Most ice cream parlors are independently run, which means the owners can set their own hours of operation.

Their personal preferences and what's best for the company come into play.

They obviously want to start the new season as soon as possible.

However, starting production too early may not be the best business decision because people don't want to get the ice cream from the ice cream truck until it's hot.

What time does the ice cream truck leave?

Usually the ice cream van leaves around 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning.

Closed at 18:00 or 19:00. After lunch, the ice cream truck continued their journey.

You need to strike a balance between serving dessert for the family after dinner and not leaving for too long to disturb those who are disturbed by the music.

While the weather is nice in late summer, ice cream trucks don't stop uptown after dark.

Some ice cream trucks line up near bars or behind the last line on the main road to give late night ice cream lovers a chance to grab ice cream on the way home.

What makes an ice cream truck so appealing?

With music and a sense of urgency, buying ice cream in an ice cream truck is more exciting than buying it in a supermarket.

Ice cream tastes different after a hot day outside playing baseball or hitting a water balloon.

As soon as the music hits your ears, you rush to collect your money and catch the ice cream truck.

When you get to the ice cream van, there are usually more options than your local supermarket.

People think they'll find their favorite type of ice cream in an ice cream truck, so truck owners try to stock different flavors of ice cream.

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Ice cream tastes better because of the setting and the satisfaction of the first bite, especially when the ice cream truck almost misses it.

ice cream truck song

The song about the ice cream truck is one that most people hum spontaneously.

You may be surprised by the fact that your memory may not match that of other people.

The most popular ice cream truck song is "Turkey in the Straw".

Although the song's lyrics clearly indicated a difficult background, most companies updated the song to reflect a friendly environment conducive to social progress.

The truck may not sing the lyrics, but using the dated song as the company's main ad shows a lack of public awareness.

Here you can listen to new songs by Wu-Tang Clan's Good Humor and RZA.

Although Good Humor didn't invent the ice cream truck, after working on the project, he decided to change the rules.

Since other brands couldn't use Good Humor songs, many turned to innocuous pop songs that were more in line with their company values ​​than "Turkey in the Straw."

Here are some common alternatives you may hear:

  • pop to a wedding
  • camptown racing
  • cockroach
  • entertainer
  • picnic (hello)

Ways to Learn More About Ice Cream Vans in Your Area

Use the resources below to research your local ice cream trucks, find out when they're scheduled to open and where they'll be on the road when the season kicks off.

1. Ice cream truck tracking app

You can download an ice cream truck tracking app on your phone.

This app will find all operating ice cream trucks near you, no matter the brand.

Many brands, such as Mister Softee, have their own apps that show the curious locations of trucks on their routes.

They won't reveal the location of the competing ice cream trucks, though.

2. Social pages on social media

Join a local Facebook page in your area.

The website keeps you updated on all the activities happening in the area, including animal sightings and ice cream trucks.

This information is available in real time on social media, but posts need to be seen immediately.

This information is useless if you don't use the app at the right time.

3. Ask the ice cream driver

Please contact the ice cream truck driver for an estimated time of arrival.

At this point, some days may last longer than others.

However, the ice cream seller can provide you with information such as: B. How often and when he visits your area.

Don't forget to tip the ice cream truck driver especially if they do everything for you.

4. Explore local hotspots

Like any business, ice cream truck drivers scour the neighborhood for the best locations to set up shop.

You should check out parks and pools in your area as they may prefer attractions/activities that are closer to people and family friendly.

Ice cream trucks are only allowed to pass through residential areas once or twice a day, but stop at the park at least once an hour.

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Knowing that the truck is going somewhere on a regular basis, you can set yourself up for success by queuing at that location instead of waiting at home.

5. Google

Google is an industry leader for a reason.

It helps you easily find what you're looking for.

Just type in "ice cream trucks near me". Use Google to find the ice cream van closest to you and its exact location.

When will the 2023 ice cream truck arrive? - nice trucking (1)

like the ice cream truck stays ice cold

If you keep an eye on them, you'll quickly find out that the ice cream trucks in your area are always busy.

How does a constantly moving ice cream truck keep ice cream cold when it's hot outside?

The solution lies in the truck's freezer.

A chest freezer consists of three main components that work together to generate low temperatures:

  • compressor: Compression and transport of refrigerant gas.
  • capacitor: Isolates hot air and expels it from the truck.
  • Evaporator: Where does the cold air come from?

Two alternatives to chest freezers are plate freezers and dry ice.

Ice cream won't cause burns in the freezer if stored properly and eaten as soon as you receive it.

Ice can be frozen for up to eight hours when using a freezer with a cooling plate.

However, most truck drivers empty their trucks of ice late at night so they can turn off the freezer.

Return to the main freezer with a fresh supply of ice.

Popular Choice for Ice Cream Trucks

To stand out from the competition, some ice cream trucks offer specialty menu items that other ice cream trucks don't.

However, popular love benefits all trucks.

Ice sculptures such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Wonder Woman are among the most popular choices on the children's menu.

Other common items found in ice cream carts include:

  • Chocolate Tacos
  • snow cone
  • push poppy
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Chocolate Crunch Bars
  • ice cream sandwiches
  • Koenigskegel

Tips and tricks for visiting an ice cream truck

Any experience can be improved if you plan ahead and know the ins and outs of your business.

Use these tips and tricks to make sure you always get ice cream from your ice cream truck.

1. Prepare cash

While many ice cream parlors now accept cards, it's a good idea to keep cash with you in case you run into them later.

Cash is faster than an ice cream truck.

With cash, ice cream truck drivers don't have to wait for you to find your wallet.

2. Keep it clean

The ice was dirty.

do not be angry.

Wipes and hand sanitizer will help you avoid a serious mess.

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Napkins can be purchased at ice cream parlors, but they don't remove stickiness as effectively as wet wipes.

3. Be flexible

God laughs at our plans.

You can find an ice cream truck near you and try to reserve one in advance.

Plans don't always go as expected.

If you miss a route, be ready for ice cream later in the day or the next day.

Never eat dessert again, unless you walk in and announce that you've had enough of that ice cream truck for the day.

4. Inquire about the damage of the goods

If the ice cream parlor is dropped, it is easily damaged.

Although it was perfectly edible, a few minor flaws forced the driver to sideline the ice cream parlor.

Ask the driver for discounted (or free) damaged merchandise.

5. Don’t Forget the Dogs

Most ice cream trucks also offer treats for dogs.

Ask for puppy cups filled with whipped cream or dog food.

Some ice cream trucks give them away for free as a courtesy!

6. Tips for drivers

A good ice cream truck driver contributes to the development of the community.

Leave a tip with every purchase to show support and appreciation.

Drivers may even have to visit your street more often because of the tip.

Ice Cream Truck Costs and Profits

Humor and a few other companies have access to branded ice cream carts.

But most ice cream trucks are privately owned.

How Much Money Is Driving an Ice Cream Truck?

Who Can Benefit From Driving an Ice Cream Truck?

While numbers vary widely, most ice cream truck drivers make $5,000 a month, leaving them with $2,500 after expenses (working 20 days a month).

Drivers who put in more time and work days can get paid more.

Additionally, drivers who occupy a strategic position and successfully market themselves can earn more.

Since the Fourth of July is one of the busiest days of the summer for ice cream trucks, be sure to work all day on these days.

Price includes truck, inventory and freezer maintenance.

There are also fixed costs, such as business insurance.

Experience is the most expensive at the beginning.

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You'll need to buy (or lease) a truck and equipment.

Expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

You'll also have to go through the legal process, which isn't necessarily expensive in itself, but you can pay a lot psychologically by cooperating with the authorities.

The permits, licenses and insurance policies required to operate an ice cream van include:

  • valid driver's license
  • business license
  • health permit
  • resale license
  • commercial auto insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance

Be sure to double check local requirements.

Your ice cream van could be fined or forced to close due to an incorrect permit.

Part of the year the only source of income is the ice cream truck.

In winter, you need an extra source of income.

You also need to enjoy your community and enjoy working with people.

How does the ice cream truck get to you?

Here's what you can do if you want the ice cream truck to arrive where you are. First, find out if ice cream truck companies in your area accept reservations for private events.

Many trucks are available for birthdays, block parties, and other special occasions.

Another option is to rent an ice cream truck for the party. This is a great option if you care about a specific flavor of ice cream or want to personalize your menu. Ice cream truck rentals are available in most major cities.

A second option is to contact a local food truck festival. These events usually involve several different ice cream trucks.

Advertise Your Ice Cream Truck

Many people get into the ice cream van business because they mistakenly believe that ice cream can sell itself.

You need to effectively market your ice cream truck business.

Join local groups on social media, sign up with Google, and use other helpful online services.

Post your plans for the day and connect with your clients.

Offer something that other trucks don't, like B. lunch options or healthy options, to stand out from the competition.

Pretending to be a princess or a wobbly ice cream truck, dressing up and playing music that represents your brand are examples of bravery.

You can also organize events yourself or with other companies.

Host an outdoor movie night on ice in your backyard, nearby park, or library.

As the end of the year approaches, it's also a good idea to promote frozen meals at discounted prices.

Never think that driving a truck is enough to get a promotion.

Make advertising a part of your daily life and keep it consistent.

final thoughts

Ice cream trucks have been a summertime must-have for decades. They provide a fun and cool way for kids (and adults) to cool off on hot summer days.

However, with the advent of technology, finding an ice cream truck in your area can be difficult. Using the resources in this article, you can find the nearest truck and enjoy a delicious meal.

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